Arts Night Out at Bloom Coffee Roasters Soft Opening

The anticipation is over! After more than a year and half of planning, pitching, deconstructing, and constructing, Bloom Coffee Roasters is welcoming the public to our cafe for the first time!

We owe all who have been excited, supportive, passionate and (most of all) patient an infinite amount of gratitude. You are a major part of why we love going to work every day. We will strive every day to show you how thankful we are.

As our very first act of thankfulness, Bloom Coffee Roasters would like to invite Greater Lansing to join us on July 1st for a limited hours, soft-opening featuring Arts Night Out.  Come check out our cafe, enjoy coffee and treats, and discover some exquisite local art!

Café Coming Soon and You Want Answers. Here You Go.

Do you love coffee (like, can’t-function-without-it love it)? Do you enjoy well-designed, comfy spaces? Do you get inspired by local art and eclectic music? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we’ve got good news for you! Bloom Coffee Roaster’s cafe will be opening soon and is going to make your heart flutter.  We will no longer only be roasting your coffee… we will be brewing it for you too!

11 Places You Can Find Our Coffee

At Bloom Coffee Roasters, we believe that coffee brings people together in a way nothing else can. We are proud to finally announce that our cafe will be making its home in Lansing, the heart of Michigan. Lansing serves as a home base for many small businesses as they embark on their journeys. The community of small businesses here has prospered due in part to the culture of collaboration and support. With dozens of start-ups emerging, there is not a place we would rather grow our business. Our company values and is committed to supporting local, small, Michigan-based companies. We know we personally would not be here today if it weren’t for those that have supported us!

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It is time to #KnowYourRoaster

Roasting coffee is both an art and science, and any roaster may favor one over the other in their roasting techniques. Personally, I like to think of coffee roasting as more of a fine art - similar to playing music. There is no hard and fast, right or wrong way to roast. The experience of sourcing beans, sample roasting them, brewing the cup properly, and enjoying the experience, is what roasting is all about. Similar to a musician who locks himself in a cabin in the woods to write and record a brilliant album, he hits a point where he's ready to share his art with the world. Roasting is my art, and I enjoy sharing it with anyone who's interested.

It is with that sentiment in mind that we want to share our #KnowYourRoaster movement. Coffee has a distinct way of bringing people and ideas together in the simplest and most intriguing way. It has been our mission since the day we opened, to stir a desire in our community of coffee lovers (and beyond) to get to know the roaster who is responsible for crafting the coffee they enjoy.

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How To Know When You're Drinking Fresh Coffee

Don't be mistaken. Coffee, just like most food in your pantry, is not known for aging gracefully. When stored improperly and left unused over time, coffee beans grow stale and lose their flavor. Even worse, some store-bought blends may already be old before you even check out.

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Coffee Brewing Series: Pour-Over

Pour-Over coffee brewing methods have become an increasingly popular brewing option for home coffee enthusiasts and coffee shop baristas alike. Pour-Over Brewing provides the ability to control every variable in the brewing process, create the perfect cup based on personal preference, and highlight the uniquely distinct characteristics of every coffee brewed. This raised awareness and popularity of Pour-Over Brewing has resulted in the creation of innovative new devices as well as the resurrection of old brewing methods. Here, we'll talk about our favorite Pour-Over brewing methods, and the differences between them. 

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Gift Guide For All The Coffee Lovers

Ahh, the holiday season. As the temperature drops, the snow begins to fall, and the sweet smell of baked goods begin to fill your home, the search for the perfect gifts for your loved ones commences. Don’t worry, we’ve created the ultimate gift guide for the coffee lovers in your life.

These gifts are affordable, personable, and full of caffeine!

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Why Lansing is a Great Coffee Community

Lansing. Home. We are not the result of everyone else. We are not the product of another place. We are a community. A community with a backbone. We work tirelessly, built on solid foundations of utter greatness, transformed into modern, progressive brilliance. Once great agricultural achievement, automotive innovation and a thriving coffee industry have paved the way for a fresh food culture, technological innovation and most importantly (to us), a community of artistic coffee roasters and craft coffee brewers that inspires the like-minded folk to band together and uplift Lansing’s coffee culture to gain critical appeal.

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Meet Bloom Coffee Roasters

It was the summer of 2012 when I woke up on a Monday morning, the week after I graduated college with a journalism degree, to find that about 300 journalists had been laid off from the Chicago Tribune. I remember calling my mother in a panic hoping someone could give me a solution or calm me down. She said, “why don’t you just go apply at the coffee shop? You need to have something to pay the bills.”

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