Burundi Kinyovu

Burundi Kinyovu


Great coffees from Burundi have, in the past, been few and far between. As of late, Burundi has upped it's game in providing quality, traceable coffees to roasters in the U.S. We feel very lucky to have gotten our hands on this great Burundi Kinyovu. 

What is the flavor profile? This incredibly focused, farm-direct coffee brings your cup notes of tart lemon, caramel, Grapefruit and Cranberry. The mouthfeel provides a clean balance of flavors and crispy, yet heavier tone.

How is this coffee best enjoyed? Pour-Over. Because this coffee is so complex and bright, well, the pour-over really brings out those characteristics, brilliantly. The fruity tartness and clean, balanced body work wonderfully in a pour-over. This coffee is great any way you choose to brew. The pour-over just stands out the most for us here at Bloom.

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