Ethiopia Werka

Ethiopia Werka


Ethiopia Werka is so tasty and unique, it has to be one of our favorite coffees since the beginning of Bloom Coffee Roasters. The floral notes and citric acidity complement each other so well that it makes coffee from Ethiopia extremely refreshing. The intense notes of blueberries and strawberries in the flavor with a delicate floral aftertaste provide for an extremely enjoyable cup.

What is the flavor profile? This incredibly focused, farm-direct coffee carries notes of tart lemon and lime, caramel and hibiscus. The mouthfeel provides a clean balance of flavors and crispy, refreshing tone.

How is this coffee best enjoyed? Pour-Over. Because this coffee is so complex and bright, well, the pour-over really brings out those characteristics, brilliantly. The lemon and lime tartness and clean, balanced body work wonderfully in a pour-over. This coffee is great any way you choose to brew. The pour-over just stands out the most for us here at Bloom.

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