The Nomads' Brew Kit- Pre Orders

The Nomads' Brew Kit- Pre Orders


Whether you're taking a cross country road trip on your motor cycle, going on a camping/hiking/fishing out door adventure, or just simply doing the travel-for-work grind, we know that you struggle to pack your coffee gear. Since we can relate, we've been working all year to make our "holiday gift box" more practical. We've partnered with Burst Into Bloom Co., to include a durable waxed canvas bag that protects and practically stores all of your gear. 

Our Brew Kit makes the perfect gift for anyone interested in getting started in the Art of Brewing Coffee or anyone possessed by Wanderlust. The Waxed Canvas bag includes one 12oz. bag of Bloom Coffee Roasters freshly roasted beans, one Hario V-60 Pour-Over Brewer, a Bloom Coffee Roasters 'Camper Mug,' and a starter set of Hario V60 filters. Bags will be available in our café and at

The Nomads' Brew Kit includes all of the essentials to revolutionize daily routines everywhere. Within the box you will find:

  • A Wax Canvas Bag

  • A Hario V60 Pour-Over brewer

  • Starter pack of Hario V60 filters

  • Coffee scoop

  • Bloom Coffee Roasters 'Camper Mug'

  • One 16 oz bag of coffee

Order now and let us know when you need your brew kit filling out the Date form. We guarantee you'll receive it when you're ready to gift it.  

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