Guatemala- Acetenengo La Esperanza

Guatemala- Acetenengo La Esperanza


This Guatemala Acatenengo La Esperanza is the very first Direct Trade relationship that we've established with a coffee farm, here at Bloom Coffee Roasters. We're utterly thrilled to have been presented with the opportunity to work closely with a community of coffee farmers. 

Bloom Coffee Roasters is thrilled to offer a limited lot of “honey” cured specialty coffee from the La Esperanza Farm we are now working with located in the Acatenango valley in Guatemala. 

The farm has been in the family for four generations, operated today by brothers Herman and Erick.  The brothers, both in their thirties, complement each other – Erick is an agronomist and Herman is a roaster. They continue to invest in the family farm and have produced award winning coffee  

We like that La Esperanza farm is small (55 acres) and the family is well connected to their local community, primarily Mayan.  The brothers attribute much of their success to their talented, and dedicated, employees that work hard all throughout the year.  

At an altitude of 5,500 feet and sitting below Acatenango volcano (often heard rumbling), the farm is ideally located for growing superb coffee beans.  The brothers utilize shade trees to provide a suitable microclimate that also enhances the quality of the bean.  


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