Mitten Mocha Java

Mitten Mocha Java


It’s not every day that you roast a coffee that encapsulates the unique character of your home-state, but that’s exactly what we did with our Mitten Mocha Java. From the beauty of our vast lakeshore to the pride we take in our work, this blend captures all of the qualities that make Michigan unlike any other state within a single, savored sip. It’s a cup that not only tells a story, but one that warms you with a sense of belonging. The indication that you are “home.”

What is the flavor profile?

Not all of us are coffee connoisseurs. For the apprehensive coffee drinker looking to ease into their first cup, we created a blend that has the sweetness and flavor nuances of our single origin coffees but is far less intimidating. With the infusion of berry and nutty flavors, our Mitten Mocha Java blends the rugged earthiness and gentle sweetness of our home state, producing a blendthat is clean and sweet.


How is this coffee best enjoyed? Aeropress. Just like that of our Sumatra, this coffee tends to have a lighter body when brewed other ways. Though very enjoyable with a lighter body, the Mitten Mocha Java is intended to shine as an espresso and the Aeropress really helps bring this coffee to life, giving it the Espresso-like similarity.


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