Sumatra Mandheling- Harimau Tiger

Sumatra Mandheling- Harimau Tiger


When we think of coffee, we don’t often think of herbs and veggies. But sometimes, thinking outside of the box is exactly what we need to do to expand our horizons. Take the Sumatra region of Indonesia for example. Their excellent, yet incredibly unique coffees have herbal and vegetal nuances that are loved by many. Be prepared to feel refreshed.


What is the flavor profile? Bloom’s Sumatra Mandheling Harimau Tiger awakens the palate with notes of cucumber and green bell pepper. With a light mouthfeel, this Indonesian bean is light and is almost tea-like in its softness.


How this coffee is best enjoyed: French Press. Because of its tea-like body, the French Press gives our Sumatra Mandheling Harimau Tiger the perfect amount of girth. Sumatra's-- in general-- tend to be most enjoyed as heavier, full-bodied coffees. The French Press really brings this coffee to life.


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