Why Lansing is a Great Coffee Community

On What Makes Lansing A Great Coffee Community

By: Jared Field

Lansing. Home. We are not the result of everyone else. We are not the product of another place. We are a community. A community with a backbone. We work tirelessly, built on solid foundations of utter greatness, transformed into modern, progressive brilliance. Once great agricultural achievement, automotive innovation and a thriving coffee industry have paved the way for a fresh food culture, technological innovation and most importantly (to us), a community of artistic coffee roasters and craft coffee brewers that inspires the like-minded folk to band together and uplift Lansing’s coffee culture to gain critical appeal.

We are our own breed. One with inexplicable, intangibles deep within our being. A culture formed on coffee and artistry, and the relationships that transpire and spark a wild fire of excellence. We dream of building our home, a place; actualized in the form of magnificence.  This place, our homealready exists in our soul, in our hearts and in our minds. We are the heart and spine of Michigan, the most beautiful place on earth.

Coffee is important here. When Paramount Coffee Company began it’s roasting operations in- what would become- Old Town, they built our identity. They gave us an opportunity. Throughout the world, Coffee Culture has shifted ticking clocks into the brightness of our future. Communities are banding together sharing progress that yields higher quality of life. Here in Lansing, we incubate that very culture that will soon become our every day. Slowly, we are connecting the dots and great things take time.

Through great coffee, we creatively connect and maneuver passed a state of economic uncertainty. It wasn’t so long ago that this type any sense of progress was halted as we played victim to the dogmatic nature of the greedy and slick hustles of a different, self-entitled generation.  

We no longer play that role and we’re not asking for anyones permission, anymore. We are here to be the community. To be the future. To be great. We believe in love. We believe in generosity and sharing with those in need. We welcome the arts and explosive expressions of personality. And together we move forward.

It’s becoming a realization that we Lansing folk don’t just get it done, but we do so with ease- in a way as if every day is a Sunday morning. Relaxed and careful, we take care of the dirty laundry, we mow the lawn, we spend time together and reach out to our neighbors and loved ones over a great cup of coffee, and we enjoy every second of it. 

As a community built on the foundations of coffee, we have the opportunity to be the change that allows us visualize the world the way we want it to be. The apocalyptic dust of past wrong do-ers has cleared the air and the sun shines bright over Lansing, feeding and fueling our magnificent journey. We can see our path and we will always sip from a blissful cup of coffee. In Lansing, we do what we do- and we always do great. After-all; Lansing is Community. Lansing is family. Lansing is home.