It is time to #KnowYourRoaster


Roasting coffee is both an art and science, and any roaster may favor one over the other in their roasting techniques. Personally, I like to think of coffee roasting as more of a fine art - similar to playing music. There is no hard and fast, right or wrong way to roast. The experience of sourcing beans, sample roasting them, brewing the cup properly, and enjoying the experience, is what roasting is all about. Similar to a musician who locks himself in a cabin in the woods to write and record a brilliant album, he hits a point where he's ready to share his art with the world. Roasting is my art, and I enjoy sharing it with anyone who's interested.

It is with that sentiment in mind that we want to share our #KnowYourRoaster movement. Coffee has a distinct way of bringing people and ideas together in the simplest and most intriguing way. It has been our mission since the day we opened, to stir a desire in our community of coffee lovers (and beyond) to get to know the roaster who is responsible for crafting the coffee they enjoy.

To get started, we have a few questions for you to ponder. Do you know where your coffee originated? Do you know who roasts, brews, and serves it to you? While it may not be apparent right away, the answers to these questions matter. Instead of floating through our day, grabbing our coffee to go, and not giving the businesses we interact with and support the second thought, what if we slowed down and got more involved?

We understand that people have a natural curiosity, a love for stories, and a craving to belong. It is because of this love of connectedness that Bloom Coffee Roasters is committed to helping you get to know your roaster. As much as we adore coffee, we believe it’s about more than the coffee bean itself. There is room for a shift and an improvement in the way we interact and support one of our most gratifying habits (drinking coffee, of course!).

Who Is Your Roaster? 

While not all hashtags have a story or purpose behind them, #KnowYourRoaster, does. Let’s get some more insight from Bloom Coffee Roaster’s owner and sole coffee roaster, Jared Field.

1. What do you mean by #KnowYourRoaster?

#KnowYourRoaster came to life when thinking about the idea of creating a community around our roasting business and eventual café. We want anyone and everyone to feel like they are a part of the Bloom Coffee Roasters community. More than anything, we hope to create a family. We welcome everyone to join us in learning about the coffee industry, coffee culture, and our story as a coffee roasting company.

In short, #KnowYourRoaster is about creating a second home for people who are open to learning more about coffee.

2. Why is knowing your roaster important?

Knowing your roaster is just as important as knowing the people behind any company you give your business to. Knowing your roaster creates a peace of mind and helps ensure that you have a positive experience when you purchase and brew your coffee. With Bloom Coffee Roasters, you can be confident you're drinking the highest quality coffee, specific to your taste, and that your input matters. We're always open to suggestions regarding how we can improve your experience. Knowing your roaster helps consumers get away from buying stale, corporate coffee that lacks a personal connection and freshness. It reminds us of the importance of engaging, of making an effort to build powerful connections, and being involved in our communities.

3. What do you hope to do with this hashtag? / How can people get involved?

I hope that this hashtag and movement will bloom into a community of people interested in bettering the lives of coffee farmers worldwide, and improving the already fantastic community that surrounds our roasting business and café here in Lansing. And of course, I hope it promotes, locally roasted and ethically grown beans!

Lansing is already a fantastic city and place for a coffee roaster, but as in any city, there is room for growth. That growth being; better business practices, better (and safer) environments for people to hang out, and better places for the youth to become involved. Bloom Coffee Roasters wants to help with that growth.

People can get involved by posting #KnowYourRoaster on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whenever they are talking about us or posting pictures of our coffee bags, mugs, etc.


4. What is your roasting vision? - How do you want to impact Lansing/Michigan?

I see the city of Lansing as a prime coffee hub. The foundation was built 75 years ago by Paramount and continues to grow with a handful of great roasting companies that are making an impact on a national level. We feel as though we're a part of that, and we want to help bring people from all over the country to Lansing for excellent coffee.

My personal roasting vision starts with sourcing high-quality beans from the finest farms worldwide and bringing them to Lansing to roast. I pay very close attention to every individual batch that we roast and we have the technology to ensure consistency in our quality.

We will take requests to roast beans in a particular ways, but ultimately, we hope that after getting to know us, you will trust us to guide you toward what we view as the best cup of coffee.

It is our hope that you feel inspired to experience your coffee on a deeper level by getting to #KnowYourRoaster. Join the movement by sharing your thoughts or posting a pic of your Bloom Coffee using the hashtag #KnowYourRoaster on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

You can also share this article with your inner circle so that, they too, can understand the importance of knowing your roaster. With your help, we can create a stronger, safer, and quality coffee community.