Autumnal Offerings at Bloom Coffee Roasters' Café

Fall is in the Air, and New Offerings are in Bloom

Buy 1 Get 1 Free, All Day Study Session- Every Tuesday

We understand the life of a student. We know how badly you need your coffee when you're balancing a million credits, two jobs, and somehow, all of your profs scheduled an exam on the same day. We want to help you with that. So, starting Tuesday, Oct. 18th, come into Bloom Coffee Roasters, show us your Student I.D. and buy one drink while we pour you another drink for free. Whether you come alone, with a Study Buddy, or in a group, each drink you buy will be paired with a second, free of charge. We're open from 7a-7p and Old Town offers free parking on Turner St. We're only a 13 minute drive/bus ride from MSU. 

The Nomads Brew Kit & Travel Bag

Whether you're taking a cross country road trip on your motor cycle, going on a camping/hiking/fishing out door adventure, or just simply doing the travel-for-work grind, we know that you struggle to pack your coffee gear. Since we can relate, we've been working all year to make our "holiday gift box" more practical. We've partnered with Burst Into Bloom Co., to include a durable waxed canvas bag that protects and practically stores all of your gear. 

Our Brew Kit makes the perfect gift for anyone interested in getting started in the Art of Brewing Coffee or anyone with Wanderlust. The Waxed Canvas bag includes one 12oz. bag of Bloom Coffee Roasters freshly roasted beans, one Hario V-60 Pour-Over Brewer, a Bloom Coffee Roasters 'Camper Mug,' and a starter set of Hario V60 filters. Bags will be available in our café and at

Additions to our Café Menu

Single-Origin Espresso


We are extremely pleased to present to you, our first Single-Origin Espresso from Guatemala Acatenango La Esperanza. 

This coffee is especially precious to us as it represents the very first Direct Trade relationship that we've established with a coffee farm, here at Bloom Coffee Roasters. We're utterly thrilled to have been presented with the opportunity to work closely with a community of coffee farmers. 

Bloom Coffee Roasters is thrilled to offer a limited lot of “honey” cured specialty coffee from the La Esperanza Farm we are now working with located in the Acatenango valley in Guatemala. 

The farm has been in the family for four generations, operated today by brothers Herman and Erick.  The brothers, both in their thirties, complement each other – Erick is an agronomist and Herman is a roaster. They continue to invest in the family farm and have produced award winning coffee, truly fitting the culture of Bloom Coffee Roasters. 

Ginger Molasses Latte

With the leaves changing and harvest upon us, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are back, in full swing. Though with the idea of bringing unique, specialty flavors to Lansing, we felt we wouldn't really be doing "our thing" if we created anything Pumpkin Spiced. So this is our answer to that. This is us doing "our thing" and we are pretty pleased with the results. The Ginger Molasses Latte is perfectly balanced with its subtle sweetness from the molasses and tanginess from the ginger. Silky and warm, this latte creates a palpable essence of fall comfort. 

Spiced Cider

Since we love our non coffee drinkers just as much our coffee drinkers, we thought that those who deem coffee unpalatable should be welcomed in our café with a delicious fall beverage. Steamed with the wand of our espresso machine the texture is playful and unique. Equally unique is its incredible flavor. Spicy and Crisp. Sweet and tart. Just like Grandmas' Apple Pie.  

Agave Vanilla Latte 

Though the Agave Vanilla Syrup isn't necessarily an Autumn-esque solution to our Sugar-Free option, it presents you with the opportunity to be a health-conscious coffee nut while allowing us the opportunity to explore and create health-conscious flavors that will be low on the glycemic index. 

Shhhhh... We have a secret menu. 


Half & Half + Espresso + Tiny Rocks Glass =  Cortado. You won't see it on our physical menu, but if you order it, we'll make it. 

Milk Tea

As we began to research and dive into experimenting with the Milk Tea, we were admittedly skeptical. Using our Cascara Tea (made from the processed husk of the coffee cherry), and Milk, we've found a match made in heaven and have been proven wrong in our skepticism. Though we have fallen in love with its delightfulness, we are enjoying this honeymoon phase simply just by enjoying it for what it is, and we haven't analyzed it too much. So come try it for yourself.