11 Places You Can Find Our Coffee

At Bloom Coffee Roasters, we believe that coffee brings people together in a way nothing else can. We are proud to finally announce that our cafe will be making its home in Lansing, the heart of Michigan. Lansing serves as a home base for many small businesses as they embark on their journeys. The community of small businesses here has prospered due in part to the culture of collaboration and support. With dozens of start-ups emerging, there is not a place we would rather grow our business. Our company values and is committed to supporting local, small, Michigan-based companies. We know we personally would not be here today if it weren’t for those that have supported us!

One of the most rewarding experiences of owning a small roasting business in Michigan has been witnessing the generosity of several local markets, shops, and restaurants. Every time a business agrees to carry our beans or to brew our coffee, we are humbled and reminded as to why we started this journey. We want to take a moment to share with you some of our favorite advocates and partners in Michigan. Please take the time to visit their shops and find out first-hand why we love them so much!

Grocery Stores

Old Town General Store

The Old Town General Store exhibits their love for the state of Michigan, and the feeling is truly contagious! When you walk into the store, you will immediately notice their local culture and traditional approach to organic foods, customer service, and full support for Michigan suppliers. The Old Town General Store takes pride in promoting and selling all of the good things Michigan-made products have to offer. Not only do they carry six of our coffees, but they partner with many small businesses and provide gift baskets filled with all things Michigan-made! Clothing, ornaments, or Bloom’s coffee, you can customize your own Michigan-themed gift basket.

Foods For Living

With a unique coffee selection like we’ve never seen before, Foods For Living sources their coffee from only the best national roasters. They take pride in providing the finest quality, Michigan-made foods and products to their customers. We cherish their constant and generous support of Bloom and other local small businesses. Foods For Living values their relationships with companies like us, and go above and beyond to help small businesses.

Monticello’s Market and Butcher Block

Located in Haslett, Michigan, Monticello’s Market and Butcher Block offers products that come directly from local farms that provide the freshest produce, a rare selection of delicious meats, and other mouthwatering temptations. Their unique variety of affordably priced meats and produce exceed customer expectations. Regarding coffee, this market has a wide selection and is continually growing! Monticello’s Market extends their business for “Sample Saturdays” to all local, and small business vendors which give businesses great opportunities to reach local customers on a personal level. We appreciate their support and wouldn’t be as successful without them!

Lucky’s Market

As a national chain located in Ann Arbor and soon-to-be Traverse City, Lucky’s Market loves calling their Michigan location one of their many homes. Lucky’s love their local neighbors and consistently provide their communities with the best quality products they can find. We value their generous support and willingness to carry our single-origin coffees. Lucky’s Market takes tremendous pride in promoting and selling Michigan-made goods. We can’t wait to see the Traverse City location prosper in northern Michigan!

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a national market that has an established presence across the country. And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t very confident that they would even want to meet with us. But when we approached Whole Foods to be in their soon-to-be East Lansing location, we were pleasantly surprised by their reaction. They urgently wanted our coffee on their shelves in their Rochester Hills store! We were grateful for the receptiveness and caring nature that Whole Foods displayed towards our small business. They gave us the confidence that we could compete with some of the best roasters in the country.

Whole Foods is passionate about the future of locally grown products and is dedicated to ensuring a strong local presence in their stores. They believe locally grown food brings about a friendly and fresh connection, a boost in the local economies, and crop diversity and equality. Bloom has nothing but good things to say about Whole Foods! They are truly a devoted and supportive company.

Cafés and Restaurants

Black Cat Bistro

When we say Black Cat Bistro has phenomenal food, we mean it. Anything you order from their menu will leave your taste buds wanting more! One of the things we love about Black Cat Bistro is their consistency. Whether you order one of their delectable appetizers, an elegant pasta dish, or a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, Black Cat Bistro will deliver you nothing less than their best. We are grateful that this sophisticated restaurant chose Bloom to be a part of their impressive offering!

Root’s Brew Shop

February was an exciting month for Root’s Brew Shop as they officially opened their doors in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are passionate about community and understand the significant impact that comes with supporting local businesses. Root’s is striving to source everything in their shop from very small local businesses. They believe that everyone has to start somewhere and that there is a lot of power behind helping each other succeed. Providing locally sourced tea, coffee, and freshly made pastries, Root’s company philosophy is “Shared progress is strong progress.” Bloom’s company values are similar to Root’s, and we wish them the best with the growth and progress of their new store.

The Cosmos

The Cosmos serves pizza that is truly out of this world! This business is making an enormous impact on the greater Lansing area as they are continuing to expand and draw in the surrounding community. When they approached us for local coffee, we were thrilled to partner with them. Their welcoming and modern patio is the perfect place to enjoy a slice of pizza and a coffee to supplement it. You may not think that coffee and pizza would equal awesomeness, but at The Cosmos, it’s a pretty special pair.


Mark’s Place

Mark’s Place owner, Mark Mcgee, is the winner of a competition featured on the Food Network that launched Mark’s Gourmet Dogs in the Meridian Mall. Mark’s Place has yet to open, but will be opening in Eaton Rapids, Michigan shortly. Mark’s Place is passionate about delivering the best Michigan-made meals paired with exceptional coffee. We are eager to work with them and watch their restaurant thrive!

Hot Cups - Flint Farmers Market

Hot Cups is an all organic, local coffee and tea shop that is sure to make each cup with nothing but love. Owner Stefani Norman does an outstanding job of welcoming customers and providing them with quality purchases of lattes, cappuccinos, and even old-fashioned candy. The Flint Farmers Market frequently hosts tasting events and promotional style events for small businesses to be involved in. We are extremely lucky to have Hot Cups as a customer in such a resilient part of Michigan, and we are enthusiastic about participating in any opportunity they present our way!

Café Rhema

Café Rhema, located in Flint, was nominated for MLive’s Best Coffee Shops in Michigan in 2015. Their shop is a great partner as we have shared and engaged in training events and social media promotions together. Café Rhema is constantly looking to learn new things and grow educationally within the realm of coffee, making our relationship spontaneous and fun!

Here in the heart of Michigan, we admire the countless businesses that support all of the goodness that Michigan has to offer. We want to take another moment to thank all of the businesses that support us. We hope you will stop by one of our favorite partner’s shops!

If you have any questions for us or are interested in featuring Bloom’s beans or coffee, contact us today!