Happy Birthday, Flour Child Bakery

Congratulations to Flour Child Bakery on a Successful First Year of Business

A round of applause and a joyous “Happy Birthday!” to Flour Child Bakery on turning one-year-old and enduring a successful first year of business. Flour Child Bakery (FCB) is a scratch kitchen that serves everything made fresh daily. Featuring hand laminated croissant and pastry doughs, and offering over 14 varieties of bagels daily, Beth Augustine (Owner), will tell you it’s more than just providing fresh baked goods; it’s about spreading love and taking pride in your craft:

“Flour Child is about making everyone who walks through my pink door feel like they belong there. Everyone is welcomed with a smile and genuinely enjoyed and appreciated. FCB is about love, a love of baking, a love for people, a love for small community business. I pride myself on my craft.”

Originally starting out as a booth at the Grand Ledge Farmer’s Market, Beth would sell her goods – rain or shine – each Saturday during the summer season (May-October). In the off-season, she worked under the Cottage Food Law in order to continue to sell her product out of her home. Mostly known for her bagels, Beth has created hundreds of flavors. Some of these creative endeavors include the Sloppy Pig (a delectable combination of BBQ sauce, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, and bacon all in one bite); Dill Pickle; the 5K (asiago cheese, cheddar cheese, chipotle seasoning, jalapeno, and onion) and the Hangover Hash (a mixture of potatoes, veggies, and cheese). For those that have a sweeter craving, Beth has a S’mores bagel that will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth. “Any flavor you can imagine, I can create,” she proudly claims (and rightfully so).

Flour Child Bakery is also a loyal wholesale customer who has believed in Bloom Coffee Roasters since the beginning and has been purchasing our coffee before they were officially open for business. Beth has even incorporated our coffee into one of her delicious bagel blends. The Dark Vader bagel features our Mitten Mocha Java roast, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and chocolate chips. Putting faith in another local business, Beth explains why she chose to partner with Bloom Coffee Roasters from the start:

I chose Bloom because I wanted to work with another small startup business. I did taste testings with other companies and literally, after a single cup of Bloom, I committed to using their coffee exclusively. I also really like Jared's down to earth attitude. He doesn't push his product and he doesn't need to; it sells itself. It is truly the best coffee I have ever experienced. And yes, I consider Bloom Coffee an experience.”

Recognizing the importance of craft, community, and how to cultivate it authentically, Flour Child Bakery and Bloom Coffee Roasters are cut from the same cloth. When asking what our partnership means to Beth and Flour Child Bakery as a whole, she explains:

Our partnership means so much to me because I feel like we share an equal passion and understanding for what it means to be a small business, to be in love with your craft, to want to treat people to something exceptional, unordinary, and always special.”

We are truly honored to have such a special relationship with Beth and the amazing things she does over at Flour Child Bakery. Thank you for your continued trust and dedication.

To celebrate their achievements, Flour Child Bakery will be having an open house and ribbon cutting between the hours of 5:00 and 7:00pm on Wednesday, October 4th (pssst ... that's today!).  Bloom Coffee Roasters will be in attendance and we urge you all to join us in the festivities. Flour Child Bakery is located at 323 S. Bridge Street in Grand Ledge (48837).