A Love Letter To Lansing


To Our Dearest Lansing Community, 

We have been roasting your coffee for three years, and serving you from your Old Town coffee bar for just over a year. We are endlessly thankful for the love you've shared with us. From senior pictures and business meetings, to marriage proposals and first dates, you've welcomed Bloom Coffee Roasters into your life in the most awe-inspiring ways. 

It's with your inspiration that we've taken a step back to do some soul searching and some personal reflection on our business. We've had to make some tough decisions as a result. 

2018 will be a year of change

for Bloom Coffee Roasters-- rather, a redirection of focus.  Starting in the new year, our café will be taking an indefinite hiatus to expand upon our café space and seating capacity; recalibrate our intentions and attention to quality and detail; and refine our commitment to craft only superior coffee beverages that cannot be found elsewhere. 



As a Wholesale Micro-Roastery,

we will continue the same innovative strategies that have helped us to grow the Old Town neighborhood and Lansing community we love so much. 2018 will see these same innovative strategies partnered with a new set of tools, to allow us to reach deeper into Lansing, creating more opportunities for partnerships than ever before. We will continue to strive in providing coffees that enhance and impress the quality of the businesses and patrons who pour their trust into Bloom Coffee Roasters. 

On December 24th,

we will be locking our café doors without intentions of opening again until we feel ready to give you the café that you deserve. I have always believed that Bloom Coffee Roasters is YOUR café, and you deserve better. You deserve to be inspired. You deserve to Bloom. 


For me personally, I am thrilled at the opportunities ahead and to get back to the work that allows me to focus on the quality of our coffee. But I don't just mean the quality of the flavor in your cup. I'm talking about the quality of our sourcing practices and the relationships within them. I'm talking about the quality of soil that the coffee is cultivated in. I'm talking about the quality of life coffee farmers are able to provide for their families.



I'm talking about the experience

you leave our café, remembering; and the relationships our staff has with you and their teammates. I'm talking about the quality that each of our team members carry home with them every night after a hard day's work, and the quality I'll be bringing my daughter into this world with in March of 2018.  I'd be lying if I told you that we've been successful in establishing that level of quality, and I don't have confidence in being a great father with the way Bloom Coffee Roasters has operated over the last year. 

Rest assured, WE WILL BE GRINDING. and BUILDING. and STUDYING. and PLANNING every finite detail to get our doors back open as soon as possible. And we will let you know when we're ready. 

We set out to build this community with you. I promise, we will not let you down. 
Thank you, endlessly, for your love, support and devotion to our brand.

Jared Field & Bloom Coffee Roasters

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