Pour-Over Days With A Side Of That Donut Glaze

Groovy Donuts and Bloom Coffee Roasters Celebrate Local Partnership with “Pour Over Days”

Exciting opportunities continue to brew (roast?... BLOOM!!!) over here at Bloom Coffee Roasters. We are proud to announce that Groovy Donuts will be hosting Bloom Coffee Roasters for “Pour Over Days” at their East Lansing location this Tuesday, September 26th. Between 8:00am and 1:00pm, Bloom Coffee Roasters’ staff will be setting up shop inside Groovy Donuts to offer “pour overs,” a hand-poured method of brewing coffee considered to be part of the third wave coffee industry.

This event is intended to be a celebration of excellent locally roasted coffee and groovy locally made donuts. Bloom Coffee Roasters has been serving Groovy Donuts since their Grand Opening in July 2016 and we are honored to recently be named their exclusive coffee supplier. Through our collaborative efforts, Groovy Donuts will be offering Bloom coffee by the cup and will also serve as a whole bean retail supplier at each location.

Already acknowledging the perfect pairing of coffee and donuts, it was inevitable to forge a perfect pairing of local partnership. Speaking directly to this, Groovy Donuts Owner Andrew Gauthier shares what offering “Pour Over Days” really translates to: 

“It just seemed like a perfect partnership: great coffee and donuts, both made fresh in the Lansing area.  It’s a partnership of local, independent businesses that complement each other so well.  An event like this is a great way to showcase what each of us do best and will give our customers better insight on Bloom’s product and how they make it," said Groovy Donuts' Owner Andrew Gauthier. 

We are thrilled to move forward with Bloom and look forward to our customers having the opportunity to enjoy a high-quality cup of locally roasted coffee!  We felt very strongly about partnering with Bloom, because we enjoyed their product so much, as customers of theirs. Needless to say, we are excited about the possibilities.”


Always looking for ways to share our craft with our community, celebrating local partnership in this manner reminds us why it is we do what we do at Bloom Coffee Roasters and what we are truly passionate about:

"Our vision, at Bloom Coffee Roasters, is to see a quality in our community which represents cohesiveness and collaboration. By working together, we are investing in each other, and reciprocating the investments that are put into each of our companies, by our customers. We love sharing our hard-work and collective achievements with Groovy Donuts. I think, it's to start sharing what we do with the rest of the Greater Lansing Community, together. And Andrew, Monica and the rest of the Groovy Donuts crew clearly agree." 

Come by Tuesday, September 26th and get the Pour-Over experience along-side a delicious, hand-crafted, Groovy! Donut. We look forward to seeing you at Groovy Donuts this Tuesday and sharing our passion with all of you.

Written by Alison Cox.