Our Café/Roastery 

Old Town, Lansing

Bloom Coffee Roasters Cafe

The cafe was designed to be inviting and comfortable. Come in, grab your favorite drink, and stay awhile. You can depend on our eclectic taste in music, unique local art, and our friendly baristas to welcome you. Our hope is that our space will become be your favorite place to take part in the daily activities and responsibilities that often happen around a cup of coffee, and that the cup of coffee you're drinking is the best. 

Our Roasting Staff work endlessly to make sure that the highest quality, freshest ingredients go into making your cup. From sourcing quality, traceable beans to developing recipes with local ingredients, we take pride in the products that go into your cup. Our friendly, knowledgable baristas are trained to provide the highest quality cup while making sure that you're comfortable in your wait, as it takes time to achieve excellence. 

We can't wait to share our love of coffee with you! And as always, #KnowYourRoaster. 


Our Offerings

We're pretty excited about the drinks and treats we are offering, and we think you will be too. Our first love is our Pour-Over coffee which we create using our entire selection of fresh-roasted beans, as it represents an intimate connection to the hard work, love, and passion that the bean interacts with, from Seed to Cup. We also offer Lattes, Cappuccinos, Americanos, and Mochas, all with a unique selection of house-made flavors.

We've also crafted a Cascara Tea, which is a loose leaf tea made with the processed skin of the coffee cherry. With the Cascara Tea, we've also put together a recipe for a Cascara Soda! It’s unlike anything you’ve tried before. 

Feeling hungry? Grab a delicious treat from Stone Circle Bakehouse, the great European Style Bakehouse located in Holt,MI. Be prepared to be delighted. 


The Bloom Coffee Roaster's Difference

Bloom's biggest difference from other cafes is our coffee. All of the coffee we serve will be freshly roasted, in-house. All of our beans are roasted to bring out the delicate nuances and subtle flavors. Visit our cafe to enjoy the freshest, highest quality cup available to Lansing.

It's important to us that our customers understand why drinking coffee is a more enjoyable experience when it's fresh and craft roasted. Because it's so important to us, we want to educate those who come into our cafe about the science and art of coffee roasting and coffee brewing, as well as the intricacies of tasting coffee. We hope to host coffee brewing and roasting classes. We want you to be as excited about the process as we are! (And yes, if you just want a cup of coffee without the side of education, we will let you drink your coffee in peace!)