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Our Story


It's definitely safe to say that we, at Bloom Coffee Roasters, take great pleasure in extraordinary experience. Think of all five senses while imagining the most complex thing that humans consume, coffee. Touch the warm mug as it slowly cools in your hands, taste the endless array of magnificent flavors, hear the coffee dripping into the mug, smell the vast expanse of incredible aroma, see the bloom as the coffee brews. This is what attracted us to coffee. But after time spent exploring the world of coffee through brewing, we began to fall in love.

Being a Coffee Roaster is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Akin to being a musician, playing lovely tunes that connect with people’s soul, Coffee Roasting gives us the opportunity to doing the same. Standing at the roaster for hours on end, it’s our goal to achieve the best flavor, best smells and ultimately, the best experience in every bean. That ideal level of sweetness, the perfect body, the nuances and the aftertaste—all play a significant role in the day of the person experiencing the cup. It doesn’t all start in the roasting process—most of it actually starts on the farm where the beans are grown—but it’s our job to make sure you’re experiencing the greatest cup possible. We achieve that level of greatness with careful attention to every detail by standing next to the roaster, all day, pulling out a tiny sample at each moment in the roast, smelling the beans deeply, looking for the smallest signs of perfect. Put those beans back, pull again; stare, and smell. We strive to know every bean, personally, to understand its impact on your cup of coffee.

We understand and deeply believe that drinking coffee should be one of the most pleasurable experiences of your day. Drinking coffee should be fun and it should feel amazing.  With that, we invite everyone and anyone who might have questions to reach out to us for some great conversation about coffee.

Know Your Beans. Know Your Coffee. Know Your Roaster.