El Salvador San José Pacas

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El Salvador San José Pacas



The Story

We all have fond memories like heading out to brunch with friends on a summer morning in a coastal town of one of our great lakes. You glance at the menu and notice fresh squeezed orange juice. This honey processed offering presents a full rush of sweet and juicy fruitiness within each sip. Remembering you have a bag of this in the kitchen is a lot like that moment you glance at the menu.

Rolo Ramirez owns the San José farm in Ataco. It is a 56-hectare (138 acres) farm growing mostly Pacas variety coffee, a variety that is native to El Salvador. For his honey process, Don Rolo de-pulps the coffee and dries it on raised beds.


  • Region:  Ataco

  • Farm: San José

  • Elevation: 1250 Meters Above Sea Level

  • Varietal: Pacas

  • Processing Method: Honey Processed

  • Flavor Description: Sweet, Grape, Cherry, Honey


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